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Hello ALL!
First a sincere apology for disappearing on EVERYONE. I have literally TENS of notes to get to, and new submission and the like, and it's going to take me time to get through some of them. That being said, I'll be prioritizing commission inquiries and cultural inquiries first, and the rest might not be gotten around to.
Please don't feel as if I'm ignoring you personally, simply that I have been undergoing a WHIRLWIND these past few months.

SO what's going on? Let me tell you:

1) Job
Some of you may now how seriously unhappy I was in my previous workplace. The studio was fantastic, the project i was working on was hilarious and fun- but sadly my supervisor was less-than-stable both emotionally and disponsitionally. His constant passive aggressive, lack-of-self-esteem and outward lashing and fault/blame rolling was becoming so unbearable that I nearly hated going into work every day. I have never seen someone so unprofessional in my LIFE. He would publicly ream people out, talk down to co workers and colleagues, and became aggressively combative if someone suggested or contradicted his opinion. Our team were all speaking behind the sense, and found that all of us were terrified that we would loose our jobs at a moments notice, and that no matter what or how we would do our jobs- it came under obsessive criticism and scrutiny that had NO rhyme or reason [literally, he used the term "feeling our way as we go along"]. No one would say anything, of course, because the rest of my team at the time were fresh out of college, and they all feared that any word against our supervisor would mean immediate termination from the job and industry.
I'm not one to take things laying down very long, nor am I going to bail at the first sign of trouble- but after a year and 3 months of this, i decided I NEEDED to move on before I lost my mind. So I did.
I wanted to get back into story boarding- a job I had not been able to do since life had lined up 5+ years of layout work conveniently for me.
I applied, and succeeded and now I am working for Dreamworks! We are currently working on a new show, set to debut in August. All I can say is what has been officially released so have at it:…

And we are number 17 on this list:…

The job is a DREAM come true, and an incredible change of pace to the lats one.. needless to say, I am THRILLED with the change.

2) Cultural Work
On going and fulfilling- due to the change of work place above, I had to mind my schedule for the summer, as well as draw out a new plan for the coming autumn. Working with the youth is challenging and fulfilling, but most important- it has to be CONSISTENT. I didn't want to let any of my kids down, and some are in fragile spots in their lives... the last thing they need is to have someone come in and out of it, only to re-enforce their already burning sensation of abandonment.
That being said, I'll be discussing the option with my current workplace to accommodate one day a week where my schedule can be altered so that I can provide my presence for the kids. This being said, I'm moving into temp Foster Caring for some of the children. I can't foster full time yet, but we'll see as time goes by.
On other fronts, I'm doing hands-on work with Elders again. This is always a bonus for me, so I look forward to this on a weekly basis as well.

3) Computer
Computer took a MAJOR tumble. The desktop is not booting up, and I think it has to do with the power-source again. It's an ongoing issue with the com. However, this time around I decided to take a stand- after it goes in to the shop and I get a diagnostic- if it's ANYTHING to do with motherboard or any other part, I will not be replacing it. I'll be giving up on my desktop, and buying a tablet cintiq instead. This desktop has cost me quite a bit in the last little while, and it's becoming exhausting to deal with it.
The only thing bugging me is the files stored on the com. I do regular backup, so I have not lost a great deal of things, but there is at least 2 months worth of work that had to yet be backed. Max, I'm willing to undergo the lengthy- and quite expensive process- of data recovery. This only if I can't boot and retrieve the information myself.

4) Archery
Moving up in the realm of things! I was even allowed to instruct the warm up, and blind-knocking techniques, as well as participate hands-on with fletching. Archery had been the only steady and less turmoil preoccupation as of late, and this is a blessing. I am still awaiting a call for new members to a range much closer to my place- this would increase my participation, as well as preparation on a weekly basis. Now that the days are longer, I can even jump after work to fly for an hour or two before having to retire home. I'm looking forward to this.
Another blessing is that I have been making Quivers for sale out of traditional mediums, and some have sold! So if any archers out there are looking for quivers, I can custom make them to fit your arrow length, as well as form and function. I specialize in both Woodland and Plains style quivers, and expect them to be a little pricey as I use skins, hides, and furs. We can always discuss what you are looking for, so you can send me a note!

5) Aikido
This has been neglected for the last 3 months. At my previous place of work, the lengthy hours made it near impossible to get to the dojo- which was a mere 5 min away. After changing work, I finally have the time to get back to it- and looking forward to doing so. As of earlier, I had decided that I will be perusing testing this year... so I hope to be eligible for it come this autumn.
My biggest issue is always the schedule of it all- I never seemed to be able to find a good schedule that meshed with mine. When I had late starts tot he day the only classes available were early morning, and when finally have early morning starts, the classes are evening classes. It's the biggest conundrum... I just have to fandangle it I suppose! Nothing more I can do! It certainly is causing me stress though- I'm more likely to ditch practice for work, or because I am tired- which is a bad attitude to have. I'll be discussing with my Sensei if we can start a Passport system to help reinforce me coming for the times I plan to. This might actually be instrumental in motivating me to continue even if I'm tried.

So those are the biggest things on my plate right now. I'm not even going to cover regular daily doldrums, because hey- that's life! May there always be only the trite problems, and then I know I have it good.

Cheers out my friends! I'll be posting new art as of tonight- I had some paintings I finished over the last few weeks as well... I'll put them up!
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Bernice Gordon
Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classical and Score, 70's and 80's, Cultural, and many others!
Favourite cartoon character: I can't choose amongst my children!

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56horse Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Student
hello. can i ask you about something . as soon as possible . 
tarkheki Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
Please send me a note, and I'll try and help. :)
56horse Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Student
thanks already did.
WingsForDreams Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I just wanted to say that I find your NW style art to be absolutely beautiful. I've come upon the style recently and I adore the use of lines and color, from an artistic standpoint, and yet the symbolism and meaning of it all, from a sentimental standpoint. I understand it's a very, shall we say, revered and private style of art. Do you have any suggestions or references you'd suggest for someone just trying to learn more about it? I wouldn't feel comfortable working in the style, but I definitely want to learn as much as I can about it. It's beautiful and inspiring :heart:
tarkheki Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
Suggestions of that kind escape me- the best is to find books that accumulate a gallery of contemporary art and see if the additional notes gives you something worth introspection [they usually do]. To find information on the traditional side, I find asking the people themselves is the best way to go. Which is simpler if you lived in the North West Pacific, not as simple if you don't. That side isn't covered in any books- only through a teaching process. :)
WingsForDreams Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the reply! I've found a couple of texts I hope to at least begin to help on the subject. It would indeed be easier if I lived in the Northwest Pacific; it is indeed trickier being in the [comparatively] Southeast Atlantic :P I do appreciate you taking the time to reply and I wish you the best in your own artistic journey!
arbaros Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Life is a potato, it's up you whether to boil it or fry it. Personally I eat it raw. 
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will there be any future of baboon boy ((renji)) and mr.feeties? :iconbegplz: 
tarkheki Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
No sorry. Those days are long gone.
XxWolfythehipsterXx Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
darn well it was fun while it lasted 
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