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January 26, 2004
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Arieh of Judah by tarkheki Arieh of Judah by tarkheki
Another scratchboard image.

For those who want to know why I did this, please read on. For those with attention spans of a goldfish, just look at the purty picture. :giggle:

I did this because a week ago, I had stumbled into a situation, which we all (well, those of us in the right mind) have come to dread.
We were watching "Nosferatu" when someone in front of me had made a remark about the characters features. I quote: "He has the classic evil Jewish nose."
I was appalled. I immediately asked him if he thought my nose was crooked since I was Jewish. He said "Yes" and surprisingly one of my friends (who was sitting beside me) also said "Well, it does have a little bulge to it."
Mind you, I couldn't care less how my nose looks, but the actual implication almost had me beating both of them to death. I then said "Well, that's funny! Because I have my father's nose, and my father was Christian!". To witch the first guy replied "That doesnít matter. Lots of Christians had Jewish ancestors."
Now, maybe I was being over-sensitive, but itís remarks like those that had 6 million gassed in chambers, and similar one that had entire cultures enslaved and degraded for years.
Bless my dear friend Emily for putting one hand to hold me back. Otherwise both of them would be seeing the inside of a coffin today.

Either way, this image was inspired by it.
Iím Jewish, and Iím proud of it.
If they donít like my ďLarge Jewish NoseĒ they can go ďfĒ themselves.
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That was horrible of them to say. Where does someone get off saying something like that? I'm not jewish but I can understand how bad stereotyping can be. I'm catholic and I can't tell you how many times I have been called a pedophile. It's sickening.

Anyway, great looking lion. I love lions. He has an elderly look to him which is pretty nice.
Thank you! It's certainly sad to see how much racial stereotyping still permeates in the 21st century. You would think a medieval concept like that would have died off years ago.
nice one! but why the curls at his sides? any meaning to them?

and... what a stupid comment of your friends. -.- we just had a huge discussion here in germany because of some guy publishing a book and speaking of the "jewish gen" wth? if a born buddhist or christian becomes jewish, how can he/she have a certain gen all of a sudden? :O ... -.-;
i can really understand that you wanted to ... uhm... beat some sense into them. ^^;

... would be kinda like when looking at someone's ears inventing "christian ears" .... or "buddhist lips" ... wth?
The curls are called "Peyos" , and in Orthodox Jewish circles, men are supposed to let those grow out. However, the style of them- being curled, strait, or tucked behind the ears- is specific to the certain sect.

I'm always perplexed when people claim cultural identity to be a solid inclusion of traits- after all, there has been numerous and countless mixes of cultures and ethnicity over the thousands of years, that no one individual can claim any genetic "purity". it's scientifically impossible. I agree with you, it's just absolutely ridiculous.
ahaa good to know :D thanks for telling me :)

well, in the beginning there was that israelic tribe... but they mixed later on with other tribes as well... and... concerning that nose... i kinda don't believe that they originally had those kinda noses... since if i remember it right... that kinda so called "jewish" nose is more caucasian and not like people from the arabic areas look like.... or am i wrong?
Actually to correct you:
The Hebrews were devided into two Settlements before Jacob had his 12 sons [10 of his, 2 of Joseph's]- and then there were 12 Tribes of Israel [with the speculation of one lost tribe, making 13].
It was only after the Israelites were exiled by the Romans from their land did they begin to mingle with the other European and Mediterranean elasticities. :)

The "big Jewish nose" is after they mingled with Eastern European Countries like Poland, Hungary, and Russia.. but it became stereotypical of the "Jewish Face"- and that was the main propaganda the Nazis used.
uh... you mean that the 12 tribes were from 10 of jacob's and 2 of josef's sons, right? which two settlements before them...? ^^; (i just read the book of genesis starting from abraham... seems like i already forgot many things... :paranoid: )
one lost tribe? which is that? :)

and... josef already had an egypt wife - isn't that mixing as well? ^^; (sorry for my english - fails big time right now >.<)

I really wonder why they chose that nose as stereotypical sign...
The "Book of Genisis" really depends on many things:
1) If you are reading the New Testament, it is different in interpretation than the Old Testament.
2) The Old Testament is an abridgement of 36 books called the Zohar.

When I was living in Israel, we had the mandatory studies of the Old and New testaments, with their interpretations [as the words are not literal, but metaphoric and allegorical]. If you really want to learn what it all of it means, the subtly of information and the like, I’d suggest you seek out someone of the culture- like a Rabbi. In order to explain it to you, you need someone who can teach you the small details from the beginning to end. :)
Well, I meant the Old Testament, the first book of the bible... since I'm christian ^^;

yeah, you're probably right. I've already heard of many small details in the scriptures that simply have a certain meaning for jews - and therefore giving some things a special meaning that I'd have never imagined there'd be... :O .... suppose i forgot them already though >.<
I can look at this piece for hours, thank you so much !
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